ha i forgot about eleven’s regeneration today




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merryyy christmas everyone/happy holidays!!!!

[spongebob voice] santa’s coming tonight tonight santas coming tonighhhtt


i’ve never done a follow forever thing before but this year was kind of crazy for me and i wanted to thank everyone that was there for me, even if some of you didn’t realize it because i’m a shy little weirdo n__n all of your posts made me laugh and smile and cry (mostly in good ways) and learn and basically made my 2013 tumblr experience phenomenal when everything else was kind of sucky. i also met some new people this year in an attempt to socialize a little more and THANKS FOR STICKING AROUND even though i whine a lot and i’m sure my messy/disorganized tumblr makes your dashes a little messy/disorganized too. i really can’t put into words how much you all mean to me!!


ps - IF I FORGOT YOU PLEASE LET ME KNOW there were a lot more people on this list than i thought there would be so trust me when i say any forgotten people were unintentional and EVERYONE i follow means the world to me!!


absolute besties | a few Extra Special shoutouts BECAUSE THESE PEOPLE ARE FUCKING AWESOME!!! seriously, i don’t know what i would do without you lovely folks in my life and i’m so grateful to know each and every one of you - whether we met irl or via the magical internet. my life would be seriously boring and awful without you in it, and i cannot even explain how much your support and love means to me


new buddies | like i said, i’ve been trying to socialize a little more and meet new people because it’s one of my favorite things to do even if i suck at it. i’m so glad to say i’ve met you guys, or have gotten to know you better during 2013, and i hope i get to know you all more in the coming year!! (also be brave enough to talk to you more since you are all SUPER AMAZING)


cool folks | some of these people i think i am in a mutual with, but most of them i am probably not. POINT IS - these are all the people that i am still too shy to really talk to because they all rock and post great things and i’m not worthy. maybe some day i will have the guts to step forward and say HI (or maybe this will suffice)

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game of thrones meme - six quotes [3/6]  - "She has three dragons. But even if what they say is true, it will be years before they are fully grown. And then there’ll be no where to hide."

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Would you leave me,
If I told you what I’ve done?
And would you need me,
If I told you what I’ve become?

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